Web development

Web development

The web development is a core competence that every one that  seriously embrace an e-commerce project should have.

In the e-commerce world to have a real success you need have an outstanding web store, with a clean and profissional look, and perhaps some kind of feature that suits wel the needs of your business. To do a web store with sucess at some time you  needs to code new functionalities and features or change the web design.

Opencart OCMOD extension development

The OCMOD is a system used by Opencart to build and distribute extensions that changes on opencart core files without touch a single core file.

If you want to know how to create a Opencart OCMOD extension read some information on how to develop an OCMOD extension install package file for Opencart.

For store owners the the visible face of OCMOD are the Extension Installer and Modifications manager on the Opencart admin Interface, and the abillity to install and manage extensions more easily.